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5832e49a-b2f0-11e2-8239-da1816ae50d5I don’t often talk about my cases or my work on facebook. However, this is a case that is very important and personal to me. I have started a petition for my client, Robin “Rocky’  Myers, who has received an execution date of June 18.

I believe my client is not guilty of the crime for which he is facing execution, and legally there are additional problems with his case that should at a minimum allow him to serve out the sentence the jury that heard his case handed down, which was life without the possibility of parole.

If you read this petition and agree with it, I would ask that you sign and share with others.

– Kacey Keeton, Attorney for Robin “Rocky” Myers


12 thoughts on “Sign Our Change.Org Petition

  1. I don’t think he did it because I know that the streets knows the truth on really did the crime and the streets talk and the one who did the the crime and is out there talking about how he got out of it everyone knows who did it but the law and the but someone had to take the blame I’m praying 🙏 for you uncle rocky love ❤ and hope to see you again one day


  2. If a jury handed down a life without parole decision, how can the death penalty even be considered? Haven’t we executed enough innocent people? Barbaric. And considering that there seems to be doubt he even committed the crime, it is worse than barbaric. It is literally criminal.

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