The Documentary

33This video summarizes the reasons that Robin “Rocky” Myers, Inmate ‪#‎Z563‬ on Alabama’s death row, should not be executed — he is intellectually disabled, he is not guilty of the crime for which he is facing execution, and there are systemic failures in the justice system that continue to haunt Rocky’s case.

A brief background. Rocky was convicted of capital murder in 1994 after an Alabama Circuit Court judge overrode a jury’s sentence of life without parole and sentenced Rocky to death.

In this video that will be sent to Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, you will hear directly from one of the jurors that sat on Rocky’s trial about how the circumstances surrounding Rocky’s case has bothered her since she served on his jury. You will also hear how Rocky was not the original suspect in this case — that he was only arrested after witnesses came forward and changed their stories, and that others have since recanted their stories.

Please watch and share the video. It’s time to get the message out.


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