UPDATE: The Documents, Part 2

We are thankfully still without an execution date for Rocky. But that means we are still working toward presenting a clemency request to Governor Robert Bentley.  This is particularly important now as the State of Alabama has recently executed an individual.

For those of you keeping up with the case and interested in learning more, this post is a follow-up to our last post, which included the transcripts and police statements of the State’s witnesses at trial. This post includes the transcripts and police statements of the witnesses presented by the defense at Mr. Myers’ trial and the transcripts of the testimony during the penalty phase.

It is important to note that Mr. Myers raised several claims during his post-conviction litigation arguing that his trial counsel were constitutionally ineffective.  One issue is that trial counsel actually called as one of its witnesses, Mr. Myers, who is intellectually disabled and was also a crack addict, and asked him to testify regarding events that were—by that time—years old.  Mr. Myers admitted to trading a VCR for crack on the exact night of the murder, but several witnesses at that time and later have stated they did not see him at the crack house on that night.  Mr. Myers has always maintained that he did not kill Mrs. Tucker.

We hope to update soon with additional documents regarding Mr. Myers status as an intellectually disabled individual, which means that under the Eighth Amendment he is ineligible for execution.

As always, if you haven’t already signed our petition at change.org, please do so and share with others that you think would sign.


Testimony of Tracie Wolfe

Testimony of Willie Reece Raybon

October 8, 1991, Police Statement of Willie Reece Raybon

November 12, 1991, Police Statement of Willie Reece Raybon

Testimony of Donald Hood

Testimony of Rita Hood

UNDATED Police Statement of Rita Hood

Testimony of Robin Myers

Testimony Rudolph Acklin

Testimony of Alice Evans

Testimony of Angela Williams Acklin

October 8, 1991, Police Statement of Anglea Williams Acklin

Testimony of John Boyd


Testimony of Leandrew Myers

Testimony of Debbie Anthony

Testimony of Robin Myers


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